Art 3

Visual Arts Proficient -- This course is a proficient level course that builds on the skills from VA Intermediate with a more in-depth approach to the study of art processes and techniques, aesthetic issues, art criticism and art history. Students form artistic goals, become familiar with careers and develop work habits of professionals. Knowledge of the arts in relation to culture, history, other disciplines and careers will be promoted through visual, verbal, and written means.


    • $20 Art Supply Fee (for supplies provided in the classroom such as Paint, Clay, Glaze, Mixed Media Paper, Brushes, Drawing Pencils, etc.)

    • 9"x12" Sketchbook

    • Black Sharpies (2 Fine & 2 Ultra Fine)

    • Gum/White Eraser

    • Glue Stick

    • Optional Supplies: Set of Paint Brushes, Paint Palette, Colored Pencils, Drawing Pencils