• Are you aware of the latest TikTok Challenge?


    Social media presents opportunities and challenges for school systems. Cabarrus County Schools, like other school districts across the nation, must be responsive to both the opportunities and the challenges. The recent Devious Licks TikTok Challenge, along with others that are planned throughout the year, are quite disturbing and do not promote behaviors we want to see our students engaged in while at school.


    The consequences for stealing or destroying school property and for assaulting school personnel are severe and can include involvement from law enforcement, as well as disciplinary action as outlined in Board of Education policies. Our district will continue to ensure that our students understand our expectations and standards for acceptable behavior and conduct and will implement consequences for any behavior that is not consistent with those standards and expectations.


    We encourage parents to discuss with your child the severe consequences of participating in any of these activities.


    Challenges List 

    September – Damage School Restroom

    October – Slap a Staff Member

    November – Kiss Someone Else’s Girl

    December – Deck the Halls (with trash and inappropriate graffiti)

    January – Jab a Female

    February – Destroy School Signs

    March – Make a Mess in the Cafeteria or Courtyard

    April – Grab Privates of Boys

    May – Skip School

    June – Flip Off Front Office

    July – Spray a Neighbor’s Fence


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