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  • FN41 Syllabus

    Foods & Nutrition I

    Ms. Whitney Fisher

    Room: A207


    School Phone: 704-260-5970

    Class Description: This course examines the nutritional needs of the individual. Emphasis is placed on fundamentals of food production, kitchen and meal management, food groups and their preparation, and time and resource management.  English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies are reinforced.  Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) competitive events, community service, and leadership activities provide the opportunity to apply essential standards and workplace readiness skills through authentic experiences. In this class, we will have many cooking labs which require your participation and cooperation. The number of labs and what type of lab will be determined upon the class behavior and readiness for entering the kitchens!

    Class Rules:

    1. Follow all WCHS school rules
    2. No phones or headphones should be used unless the teacher has given permission
    3. NO SLEEPING! Participation is key to learning
    4. Be respectful of others and our school
    5. Be prepared for class everyday
    6. Embrace diversity


    Required Materials:

    • Chromebooks & Canvas Course
    • Pen/Pencil
    • 3-Ring Binder
    • Long Pants on Lab Days
    • Hat, Ball Cap, or Hairnet
    • Non-slip Shoes or Closed-toed Shoes
    • Water Bottle


    Grading: Students, you can review your grade in PowerSchool at any time. Parents, you can also view your child’s grades in PowerSchool at any time. If you have any questions about this process, please see the Useful Links link on my classroom homepage or send me an email.


    Labs/Lab Privileges: Labs are the most important thing we do in this class. Most of the learning takes place during hands-on activities! Therefore, you must participate and earn a grade for your contribution. You will be graded on participation, behavior, recipe completion, sanitation and clean-up! If the kitchens are left messy, the whole group will have points docked from their lab grade. No exceptions! Participation in Kitchen Labs is a privilege. If you don’t keep up with the coursework, you don’t have the privilege to do the fun labs. Safety and learning are my #1 priorities. Any behavior deemed inappropriate will result in loss of lab privileges.


    Grading Scale:      

    1. 100-90
    2. 89-80    
    3. 79-70    
    4. 69-60    
    1.   59-0


    Course Weights:

    Class Assignments: 25%

    Quizzes: 15%

    Tests/Projects/Labs*: 50%

    Participation: 10% (Engaged/on-task, works well with others, follows rules)

    Test Corrections: If you want to recover a low test grade, there will be an opportunity to complete a corrections for 50% credit back. 

    Late Work:  Work needs to be turned in by the due date (Sunday evening at 11:59pm, of the current week). You should reach out to me by email or Canvas if you need extra time. Late work will be accepted for half credit

    Make-up Work: Make-up work will follow school rules and if not completed on time, Late Work Policy will be implemented. 

    Canvas: This application will be the learning platform we use in class. Every week will be outlined so students can log in and keep up with all events and assignments for class. Parents can also create an account and follow along with their student. The application can be found on the West Cabarrus High School Homepage; students can click on the icon and log in with their school email and password, parents will click on the icon and in the top right corner click on “Are you a parent?” 

    Cheating:  Cheating on assignments, quizzes, or tests will result in a 0/F and a discipline referral. 

    Essential Standards and Objective Statements

    1.00 Understand the relationship between food choices and health.

    1.01 Remember influences on food choices.

    1.02Understand guidelines for healthful food preparation.

    2.00 Understand the fundamentals of food preparation.

    2.01 Understand kitchen safety.

    2.02 Understand safe food handling procedures.

    2.03 Remember equipment and procedures for its use and care.

    2.04 Remember measuring, cutting/preparation, mixing, and cooking/cleaning terms.

    2.05 Remember recipe parts, sources, and adjustments.

    2.06 Understand processes and benefits of a work plan and teamwork for preparing healthy foods.

    3.00 Understand procedures, nutrition, and cooking methods in food preparation.

    3.01 Understand procedures, nutrition, and cooking methods in fruit and vegetable preparation.

    3.02Understand procedures, nutrition, and cooking methods in dairy preparation.

    3.03 Understand procedures, nutrition, and cooking methods in grain preparation.

    3.04 Understand procedures, nutrition, and cooking methods in protein preparation.

    4.00 Understand procedures, equipment, and techniques applied to baking production.

    4.01 Understand procedures to prepare quick bread products.

    4.02 Understand procedures to prepare yeast bread products.

    4.03 Understand procedures to prepare cakes and frostings. (SUPPLEMENTAL)

    5.00 Understand the principles of etiquette for meal service.

    5.01 Understand the principles of basic table setting and meal service.

    5.02 Understand the principles of table manners.

    6.00 Apply methods for meal planning and preparation.

    6.01 Understand strategies in meal planning.

    6.02 Understand strategies for purchasing food.

    6.03 Apply methods to prepare healthy meals



    Please reach out if there are any questions or concerns. I would love to hear from you! 

    Please check your student’s grade periodically in PowerSchool.  

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