• September 14 - Texas Roadhouse Spirit Night click HERE  for information

    September 16- Virtual Curriculum Night 6:30-7:00, 7:05-7:35

    September 17 Constitution Day

    September 22 - Q1 Progress Reports

    September 27- No school for students! Teacher work day.


    September is National School Attendance Awareness Month


    September is National School Attendance Awareness Month! Throughout the month, Cabarrus County Schools will raise awareness of the importance of school attendance through our Rebound with Attendance! campaign. The campaign emphasizes that taking action to engage students and families is essential for addressing the absenteeism, enrollment declines and educational inequities that have been exacerbated by the pandemic. We will be celebrating district-wide spirit week in September (Monday, 9/13-Friday, 9/17) to encourage on-time, daily attendance:



    • Monday, 9/13: Mustache Day- We “mustache” you to be in school and on time every day! (Students are encouraged to draw in and/or wear fake mustaches or clothing with mustaches.)
    • Tuesday, 9/14: Sports Day- “Don’t drop the ball with school attendance.” (Students are encouraged to wear clothing to reflect their favorite sports team.)
    • Wednesday, 9/15: Pajama Day- “If you snooze, you lose! Wake up and get to school on time and be ready to learn! (Students are encouraged to wear pajamas to school.)
    • Thursday, 9/16: Tie/Tie-dye Day- “Great attendance is tied to great learning!” (Students are encouraged to wear a tie or tie-dyed clothing to school)
    • Friday, 9/17: College/Career Day- “Attend today, achieve tomorrow. On-time, daily school attendance is the first step to achieving your future goals!” (Students are encouraged to dress up in clothing that reflects their future career or the college they want to attend)