Meet Our Media People

    Your Media Coordinator, Noel Hill
    I am a NC native and product of an excellent public school education. I grew up in Charlotte and attended both the University of NÇ @ Chapel Hill and Charlotte.  I enjoy and appreciate all kinds of books, but do have some favorite genres and authors. (Yes, I AM in a book club outside of school and my book club peeps push me to explore books I'd never think to pick up.) Come talk with me to discover my personal favs and let me learn about yours!
    Media/Tech Professional, Mary Ann Capel
    Mrs. Capel works in the media center with all things related to circulation, organizing the media collection, special projects  AND she assists Mr. Hall with technology needs. 
    Media/Tech Student Assistants
    7th Grade: Maris, Brady, Zedek
    8th Grade: Yosief, Guillermo, Terri-Anne, Samantha, and Carson
    This space is OUR media center. Come to browse & chat. Come to relax with some Makerspace tools and toys. Come for a peaceful spot to read and reflect. Just come on over. 
    You are ALL WELCOME!
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    Noel Hill,

    Mary Ann Capel,

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