At Home Daily Expectations

    • Kindergarten is a very big year for your child’s reading development​ and to help your child reach their fullest potential, reading at home and at school is the quickest method to make that happen.  Your partnership in your child's education is essential for his/her success. 

      We do not have required homework lessons, however, we ask that you read with your child 10-15 minutes​ every night. Right now it does not matter if you are reading to your child or if he/she is reading to you. What matters is that your child has as many opportunities to dig into books as possible.  This is one of the easiest ways to develop an early love for reading. 

      On September 1st, we will send home a reading log. Work with your child to color and/or check off the picture to share if they liked or disliked the books they read that night and return the log at the end of the month. We will also send home "Bubblegum Word" lists (sight words). Once your child has mastered a row of sight words, they will recieve a piece of bubblegum. We will be sharing this list to provide an opportunity for you to work with your child on sight word recognition.  

      This literacy experience is meant to be an enjoyable, memory making and connecting opportunity between you and your child. Let them pick out whatever books they would like to and get excited right along with them.  Soon, your child will begin recognizing familiar sight words while reading!  And before you know it, your child will be reading to you!  We hope you find joy in this experience and be able to see the growth that your child makes as the year progresses.