• SBG  


    We use a Standards Based Grading system for Kindergarten – 5th Grades. Each grade level has very specific curriculum standards aligned to the Common Core State Standards and the North Carolina Essential Standards that students are expected to demonstrate by the end of the school year. Each standard identifies what students should know and be able to do. When we share your child’s academic progress using standards, we are providing important and specific information about learning successes and areas of needed improvement. The score reported will be determined strictly on the child’s level of mastery of the standard.

    Academic achievement is evaluated using the following standards-based score:

                                         4 – Exceeds Grade-Level Standard
                                         3 – Meets Grade – Level Standard
                                         2 – Progressing toward Grade-Level Standard
                                         1 – Limited Progress toward Grade-Level Standard

    The expectation is that all students will master the standards at grade level (level 3) by the end of the school year. Therefore, there may be standards for which your child receives a 2 (Progressing toward Grade-Level Standard) during the first couple of quarters. Our goal is that every child receives a mark of 3 (Meets Grade-Level Standard) by the end of the year for each of the standards.