• Good morning! So since Canvas is being picky, please follow the directions below.


    1.  Listen to Ch 26 The Lost Boys and complete the questions on the Google Slide here.

    HOS CH 26

    2.  Login to explorelearning.com and work on the Bones and Muscles Gizmo.  Make a copy of the document below, follow the directions and complete the document.

    You will submit this document when Canvas comes back.

    Muscle and Bones Gizmo


    Here are directions if you are new to our school, please follow the directions below to get yourself logged in.

    For any newer student not enrolled in Gizmos, please follow the directions below:

    1.  Go to explorelearning.com

    2.  Click login button gizmo.PNG  

    3.  Enter your class code from below in the menu

    gizmo code.PNG

    • 3rd Period: DKWBV7
    • 4th Period: 84BCTD
    • 5th Period: ZCXPRD
    • 6th Period: 5VPDHZ

    4.  Make your login the same as your school login (ex: rbienkievitz5678 password 12345678)

Last Modified on March 25, 2021