Music Kit

"Sounds We Found" Music Kit

  • "Sounds We Found" Music Kit

    1) a large bag to carry it all in (2 gallon ziploc or string back pack *LABELED with student name, classroom teacher, and grade level)

    2) a "drum" (small cleaning wipes container, tupperware, food container)

    3) a "shaker" (vitamin bottle or small tupperware with rice, beans, gravel, etc inside *Please tape this closed!)

    4) 2 "drum sticks" (pencils, chop sticks, dowel rods)

    5) a "scraper" (soup can with ridges *label removed and sharp edges taped over)

    6) 2-3 "swishers" (grocery bags or sheets of wax paper)

    7) a "beat buddy" - very small stuffed animal or figure (no more than 4 or 5 inches)

    8) 2 sharpened pencils