Step 6: Review - Rising 10th - 12th Graders

Counselor Review

  • Counselors review each student's transcript, pre-advisement survey data (includes post-high school plans), and course selections before meeting with students 1:1 in February/March (1st period classes). During those 1:1 meetings, counselors provide students with feedback and guidance regading any needed adjustements to courses requested for the following year. Together, the student and counselor make adjustments during that time.

    Once schedules are created, counselors review each student's schedule for completeness, balance and sequencing. The goal is to catch any errors prior to students receiving their schedules. This is an enormous task, so students and parents are important partners in working with counselors to identify any issues that may have inadvertently been missed.

    Keep reading to learn how you can help counselors put the finishing touches on your schedule.

One on One Individual Advisement Schedule

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Student Review


    • Students should review their course requests at several key points in the process.
    • Before submitting in PowerSchool, review courses with your parent and teachers.
    • After clicking submit (done) in PowerSchool, verify you chose accurately. 
    • During your 1:1 session with your counselor (adjustments allowed).
    • Before returning your Course Verification Form in March.
    • When you get your schedule in May.


    • ACCURACY - Are the courses you need/requested listed? 
    • BALANCE - Do you have a healthy and manageable workload for each semester? (Think about courses and other commitments with an eye toward mental health and well being.)
    • SEQUENCING - Do your courses fall in the right order (ex. Spanish I before II, pre-requisites in CTE courses, etc.)


Parent/Guardian Review

  • Parents are important partners with students and school counselors when it comes to registration and scheduling. Scheduling success requires a lot of teamwork, checking and rechecking. Please help us by using the tools in Steps 1 - 5 to:

    • Verify your student chose 8 classes and 4 alternates in PowerSchool.
    • Double check your student is eligible for the courses selected (grade level, pre-requisistes, etc.).
    • Ensure that all requirements and course applications are completed on time (ex. CCP, Leadership, etc.).
    • Look for possible sequencing issues (Spanish I before II, for example).
    • Confirm accuracy between what you discussed with student & what your student's PowerSchool input.
    • Anticipate balance issues by factoring context into your student's choices (abilities, goals, life outside HS, etc.).

    Note: Students have the best chance of getting the classes they want when they request them during the initial registration process, but most issues/errors are fixable up until the schedule change deadline.

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