Schedule Changes Overview

  • No schedule changes are guaranteed. Many factors go into making a schedule change that are out of our control. Students who would like to request a schedule change must do so during the approved timeframes in fairness to all students. Please understand our classes are very full and changes are never guaranteed. It is likely any change will result in rearranging an entire schedule. To request a change, please use the link below.  The form MUST be completed online for a request to be considered.
    DO NOT EMAIL your counselor to request a schedule change.
    It is our goal to help all students develop a schedule that supports their needs, interests, abilities and future plans.  Students and their parents/guardians must carefully consider course selections during the registration process that occurs every spring for the following school year or at their enrollment conference. It is during this time that students have the best chances of getting the courses they most want to take.
    We want all students to be happy with their schedules, so sometimes schedule changes are necessary.  Therefore, a specific period of time is set aside for students to request schedule changes.  In fairness to all students, the following parameters must be followed when submitting a schedule change request:
    • Students must submit schedule change requests during the designated window by the indicated deadline.
    • Request must be submitted via the online form linked at the right; emailed requests will not be considered.
    • Schedule change requests will not be accepted or considered beyond the deadline -- no exceptions.
    • Changes to ask for a different teacher will not be considered.
    • All students who submit a schedule change request will receive written notification of the outcome of their request by the last day of classes for that term.  
    In rare instances, students acquire new information during the first semester which may make a second semester (mid-year) schedule change appropriate.  Students who find themselves in this situation must complete the online Schedule Change Request Form between November 1 - 15.  Counselors and administrators will review these schedule changes on a case-by-case basis, unless there is an administration error in a schedule.

    Some examples of acceptable Schedule Change reasons:

    • Overloaded semester of core classes (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, AP classes, Honors classes).
    • Classes out of sequence (example: Spanish 2 before Spanish 1)
    • A class is scheduled that you did not select.
    • You did not meet a prerequisite for a scheduled class. 
    • There is a "hole" in your schedule with no class.

    Unacceptable reasons for a schedule change:

    • You want a certain teacher for a class.
    • You want a new course that have not previously requested in registration.
    • You've changed your mind about an Honors or AP class.
    • You want to be in certain classes with your friends.

    Students wanting a schedule change should complete ONE request at the link below. Counselors will receive these requests, work on them, and reply by email, text or phone about the change request.

    Click on the LINK below (if link not available, the schedule change window is closed)

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CCS Spring Schedule Change Policy

  • Cabarrus County Schools Policy on Spring Schedule Changes


    Once students have selected their courses during the Spring registration process, they are expected to pursue those courses in the following school year. It is our goal to help all students develop a schedule that supports their needs, interests, abilities, and future plans. While principals and counselors may consider schedule change requests, factors such as course availability, course enrollment, teaching position allotments, etc. are considered when making decisions.


    The following procedures will be in effect for any student who desires a schedule change.


    • Each school will have designated weeks for schedule changes after the students have selected their choices. See your school counselor for deadlines and/or forms needed for a change.
    • Any student who needs a change before the school year begins will have several designated weeks in the summer to do so.
    • There may be a reason to change a Spring Semester course after the school year begins. Please speak to your counselor to see if there are any options and/or procedures.
    • Seniors are strongly encouraged to NOT change their spring semester courses after applying to colleges, as it may impact their acceptance to college.
    • If a student drops a class after the semester begins, it is only with the parent’s and Principal’s approval and the grade of “WF” will be on the report card and transcript.  It will be averaged into the overall GPA as a failing grade.
    • There are a few extenuating circumstances that could allow for a student to request a drop to flex (seniors only), or a schedule change after the semester begins – without penalty, but no later than 3 days into the semester.
    • These guidelines apply to courses taken online or at community colleges even though the community college may have different add/drop policies.
    • Cabarrus County Schools reserves the right to cancel classes due to insufficient enrollment or other extenuating circumstances.

Schedule Change Windows

  • Mid-Year Schedule Change Window

    November 12 is final deadline

    *The window has closed and no further request are accepted.

    Schedule Change Form

    Link will be listed when counselors are accepting schedule changes. If link is not listed, the window is CLOSED.

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