• Standard Two: Differentiated Curriculum and Instruction

    The LEA employs challenging, rigorous, and relevant curriculum and instruction K-12 to accommodate a range of academic, intellectual, social and emotional needs of gifted learners.


    The curriculum may be extended, enriched, and/or accelerated to meet the needs of children performing above grade level.  Classroom teachers work closely with the Gifted Education Specialist to ensure that content, process, product and learning environment are meaningfully differentiated and appropriately challenging.  In order to best meet each student’s individual needs, service delivery is multi-faceted and flexible.  Please see the service delivery options below for a few of the many possibilities.

    • flexible grouping
    • cluster grouping
    • subject grouping
    • resource units
    • resource class
    • cross-grade grouping
    • anchor activities
    • curriculum compacting
    • learning centers
    • tiered assignments
    • learning contracts
    • computer-based instruction
    • independent study
    • small group electives