• Standard One: Student Identification

    The LEA's student identification procedures for AIG are clear, equitable, and comprehensive and lead towards appropriate educational services.

     Nominations: A student may be nominated for gifted services during the county-wide timeline for grades 3-5.
    Once nominated for services, data will be collected from teachers.  The AIG Program Team at the student's school will meet to determine if gifted services are appropriate or if additional data is needed.

    Identification: Formal Identification for gifted services begins in 3rd grade.

    The Program Team is composed of the Gifted Education Specialist, administrators, teachers, and guidance counselors.  The team uses multiple criteria to evaluate gifted potential.


    1. Aptitude (by standardized test scores) - Indicator of a student's capacity for learning

    2. Achievement (by standardized test scores) - Indicator of a student's knowledge

    3. Observable Student Behavior - Indicator of a student's need for differentiation, based on his/her observable behavior

    4. Academic Performance - Indicator of a student's demonstrated mastery