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    School Supplies 4th Grade-2021/2022

    This list has been finalized for the start of the school year. Please note that as the year progresses there may be a need for additional supplies. Families will be given advance notice of what might be needed.



    -pencils (24)


    -composition notebooks (5)

    -gluesticks (12)

    -folders (4) Labeled for: Math, Science, ELA, Take Home/Weekly Work.

    -1 pack of crayons or colored pencils

    -pencil pouch (1)

    -pencil sharpener (1)

    -3 packs of stickie notes (3x3) 

    -pair of scissors (1)

    -chromebook (1)

    - ear buds/headphones (1)

    -backpack (1)

    -facemasks for when we are in the building

    -2 highlighters

    -a mouse for your computer. 


         Most of these supplies will stay at home as the school does not have a place for the students to store them. I will provide a list of what students will need to bring with them to classes on their face to face learning days in the building at the Open House. It will also be on the Open House Slide Presentation which will be sent out to families after the Open House. 







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