• This is a developing collection of media to help students (and parents) learn how to do some of the tasks student will have to do throughout the year.  This will include how to set up email, how to send an email, how to respond to a post, or how to submit a homework assignment.  This will also become a place to look for answers to questions in the Help Discussions. If you need help and it isn't here post it in the help discussion (students) or send me an email or message on class dojo (parents).

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  • How to find Google documents that are assignments in Canvas.

    by CBarcroft Length: 2:00

    If you are assigned a document in Canvas and it makes a copy for you. Where is that copy stored?  How do you get to it if you need to go back and edit it again or redo it after it has been turned in?  

    Turns out it is pretty simple.  Just go to your Google Drive and look for a folder called "Assignments".  Inside this folder, you will see folders for any of your classes that have assigned you some kind of Google document under assignments.  Choose the folder for the class for the teacher that assigned you the document. All the documents for that class should be inside that folder.  This also includes any Google sheets, slides, jamboards, drawings, and (maybe) the google music files.

    For those of you who are a little more visual, the video will take you through the steps, too. Yours will look a little different from mine because I have an extra set of folders that hold all students' documents for each assignment. Click on the title above to view the video.

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How to write an email.
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Last Modified on November 18, 2020