• If you don't yet have a Scribbles account, make one ASAP. This is how health forms are being sent to school this year.

    Everyone needs to complete the CCS Student Health Information form in Scribbles.

    If your child is in Kindergarten, or has never attended public school in North Carolina, you will need to upload immunizations plus a health assessment (performed within the last year). You have 30 days from the first day of school to provide these documents. Students who have not provided the health documents will not be able to visit campus until we have them on file, whenever we switch to Plan B. For more detailed information, visit https://www.immunize.nc.gov/schools/index.htm If you have recently moved here & are concerned about the health assessment, please call me. You may already have the information we need.

    For those students who need medications at school, you can start the process now so that you'll be ready when we come back to campus. We need new medication forms each year, one form per medication. These should be signed by a parent or guardian and the doctor. See the Medications page for more detailed information.  

    For those who need diet orders, we will keep the one from last year on file as long as there are no changes. If any changes, we need a new form signed by the parent/guardian and the doctor. If it's only a milk substitution, there is a different form for that.

    All the School Health Forms