Why Computer Science?

  • Computer Science is so much more than learning to code. It's about blending computers and other brands of technology with computational and critical thinking. In Computer Science, we're teaching students to think about how to solve problems.

    This is done by decomposing a problem - or, breaking it down into small chunks. Recognizing patterns, similarities or trends. Adding in an amount of abstraction, where we weed out the information we need versus the unnecessary 'stuff' that we don't need. Then, putting it all together to determine the steps or rules - the algorithm.

    Just about every industry on the planet requires applicants to have some form of background in Computer Science.

    For example:

    In Agriculture - farmers look to Computer Science to make their farms more efficient with watering systems, robotic equipment that will harvest fruits and vegetables that take them from plant to table in short periods of time.

    In the shipping industry, Computer Science is seen in programmed robots that sort, scan, package, label and eventually move to ship out the item in record speeds. Think about just how fast it takes to order, then receive the purchased item. Some arrive the same day or overnight. Rarely does it take longer than that. 

    In Architecture, civil engineers are needed to construct computer programs to design bridges, buildings or other infrastructures.

    In businesses from every industry, Computer Science is used in the form of developing tools, designing webpages and software to make organizations more efficient and, in most cases, more profitable.

    In Medicine, Computer Science is used to design medical devices and surgical instruments, and, to even perform surgical procedures with pin-point accuracy that no human can replicate. 

    Biologists use drones and software to track and analyze the migration of animals, food and water supplies and the preservation of rainforests.

    This is all Computer Science. In education, it is intertwined into each and every one of our content areas. We are molding students to fill these jobs. 

    And....Computer Science is an integral part of that process. 

    So, why the study of Computer Science in our classrooms? It might be best to ask - why not.