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Welcome to Painting


    Welcome to Painting! This course is designed to allow students to dive deeper into the specific art medium of paint. This course help prepare students for life beyond the classroom by developing problem solving skills through the practice of different methods of painting. We will primarily focus on Acrylic and Watercolor. Throughout the year artists will create original works, learn more complex techniques, and hone their skills. Art takes time and patience - you MUST come to class prepared for hard work. Students are expected to give 100% and continuously challenge themselves artistically. And I will make sure you have the tools you need to succeed. I am excited to work with you this year.



    • Sketchbook (A spiral-bound mixed media sketchbook is recommended)
    • Pencils, erasers and pencil sharpener
    • Paint Brush Set **I have in classroom to share, but students serious about painting will want their own**
    • Box of Gallon *Ziplock or similar brand* bags
    • Roll of 1” painter’s tape
    • $10 Art Fee – Used to purchase supplies needed for the projects during the semester. This fee should be paid as soon as possible and can be paid online here. Please make sure when paid online you make sure to specify painting and child's name.

    Recommended: You will probably prefer to have your own reusable palette, but it is not required I will provide a set for the class to share if you choose not to bring your own.

    A note about supplies during virtual learning: We are working with the county and administration on how to best use the art fee and what that will look like for students this year. I will update you as soon as I can. In the meantime please also consider purchasing a watercolor palette and a small set of acrylic paints that include the primary colors and white. The mixed media sketchbook will allow for watercolor and some acrylic paint practice. Cardboard and recycled packaging material also make excellent painting surfaces. I will talk more indepth about this the first week of classes.



    Grades in this class will come from projects, participation, sketchbook assignments, classwork and quizzes.

    All projects are graded based on a rubric that focuses on concept, creative expression, craftsmanship and class work.

    A small homework assignment may occasionally be assigned. If classwork is not completed, it becomes homework. So please use your class time wisely.

    A note regarding the CMHS Art Department’s grading policyYour participation grade is 25% of your nine-week grade.  Participation grades will be given at the end of each project and each class.  Points will be taken off for lack of participation, tardiness on projects, inappropriate behavior, not working during class, playing on phone or failure to clean up at the end of the class period.


    Grade Weighting

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    Final Semester Grade

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    2nd 9-weeks