Virtual Learning

  • This page is going to help you navigate through your child's online learning! I know this time can be very stressful, but please remember that I am here to help you and your child! I can be reached on classdojo during office hours, and will respond as soon as I can if it is out of my office hours!
    Below are some links to help you with navigating my online platform, Canvas!

    Here is a link to help you with logging into my remote learning platform, Canvas! Click here for help!

    Here is a link to help you with any technology help you may need. Click here!

    Here is a link to my Canvas home page! Click here!

    **Students will need to make sure they are signed in to go to my Canvas Page!
    If you are having trouble, please see the first link for help with logging into Canvas!



    Here is how to log into Epic!