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Important Classroom & School Information

  • General Classroom/School Information


    Breakfast and Lunch

    All students will have access to free breakfast and lunch pick up until Aug 30. Breakfast / Lunch Pickup Locations

    To continue to get free/reduced lunch you will need to fill out this application


    Attendance Policy / Absences

    Your child will log into their Homeroom Canvas Course and complete a one question quiz.  The question will be "Have you logged into Canvas today?"  If they answer yes, they will be counted present. 

    **If the student does not log in, the student is counted absent.  However, if a student completes his/her assignments on that day, has two-way communication with the teacher or logs-in to the homeroom course later and answers the quiz question, the student shall be counted present. Due to these reasons, teachers will have 3 days to reconcile the attendance for a given class.

    **Friday: Teachers will mark all students as “Present for Remote Learning” by 2pm Friday. However, if a student does not have two-way communication with the teacher or does not complete the assignments/expectations for Friday, the student will be marked absent.

    **Parents should submit an absent note within 2 days of a student’s absence electronically using this link to the absence form..



    All money will be collected electronically this year.  You may set up an account and search for school fees at this link.


    Class Dojo

    This will be our classroom communication.  Sign up through this invite - Stewart Homeroom Only



    All back to school forms will be filled out through a system called Scribbles. 

    Sign up or log in here.


    Back to School Q&A

    This Q & A Sheet was put out by the county and will help answer many questions about virtual learning:  Q&A Sheet.