• Biology MYP/Honors

    Biology Honors / MYP Syllabus 2020/2021
    Dr. Mark Sivy
    Concord High School

    Please note that due to the unique nature of the 2020-21 academic year, items in this syllabus are subject to change.


    Course Description:
    The Honors / Middle Years Program (MYP) Biology course encourages students to continue their investigations and deepen their understanding of the biological sciences begun in grades K-8. This includes the topics in the table below. The course complies with both the Standard Course of Study Competency Goals as specified by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and the International Baccalaureate (IB) standards presented in the IB MYP Science Guides. Honors / MYP Biology is vertically aligned to allow for students who successfully complete this course to continue with DP Biology or other sciences. A lab safety contract must be signed by both the student and the parent and be returned prior to the beginning of any labs. Biology is an EOC class with a state mandated End-of-Course Test.



    Unit 1 - Orientation

    Unit 5 - Molecular Genetics

    Unit 2 - Ecology

    Unit 6 - Mendelian Genetics

    Unit 3 - Biochemistry / Cell / Transport

    Unit 7 - Life Processes & Behavior

    Unit 4 - Cellular Processes

    Unit 8 - Evolution & Diversity


    Grading Policy

    Major Assessments (Tests, Projects, and Lab reports) – 60%

    Minor Assessment (Quizzes and smaller labs without reports) - 40%


    Final Course Grade

    Final Grade = (Grading Periods 1-4 Average x 75%) + (Final EOC Grade x 25%)


    Grading Scale:

    Grade Letter






    Grade Scale





    Below 60


    Access to Grades (www.powerschool.com)

    Your grades will be available to you and your parents/guardians online using PowerSchool.  To login, use the directions given to you by the school. 



    All assignments must be turned in no later than the stated time, otherwise a grade of zero is earned. If you received an assignment, but you’re absent on the due date, the assignment is due the day you return.


    During class, you’re expected to work on the given assignment until it’s been submitted. Any assignments to be completed as homework must be submitted at the beginning of the next class meeting.


    If you are absent, it is your responsibility to contact me to find out what you need to make up. I will gladly go over the material you missed. Including the day you return, you have three calendar days to complete the missed work. If you are out the day before a quiz/test, you may still be required to take the quiz/test on the day you return. This is your responsibility!




    Labs are meant to be hands-on experiences that actively transition learned material into real world applications. During labs, if you’re found to be off-task or possibly putting yourself or others in danger, you will receive a grade of zero and be removed from class.


    Class Rules/Expectations:

    • Be in your seat (or Microsoft Teams) and prepared for class before class begins.
    • Be respectful of your peers and teacher.
    • Follow Cabarrus County Schools and Concord High School rules.


    Consequences for Inappropriate Behavior:

    Determined by Concord High School policy


    In-person Classroom Drink and Food Policy;

    The nondisruptive consumption of drinks in hard sealed containers is OK. Food is not allowed.


    Phone/Technology Class Policy:

    Personal electronic devices, such as cell phones, are to be silenced and put away. Headphones are also to be put away. We have a class set of laptops to use in the classroom. Personal laptops are allowed when needed for class purposes.


    How to Be Successful:

    • Come to class prepared.
    • Don’t procrastinate.
    • Pay attention and take notes.
    • Ask appropriate questions as needed.
    • Complete your assignments and submit on time.
    • Be organized - use a loose-leaf or bound notebook to maintain notes and work
    • Look over your notes each night and/or in the morning before class begins.
    • Study!!! In addition to studying on your own, study with a friend.
    • Arrange tutoring. If needed, group times will be announced.
    • Most importantly, have an open mind and positive attitude.


    Class Requirements


    • There is no class fee
    • Digital file organization system
    • Notebook (loose-leaf or bound)
    • Loose-leaf paper
    • Pen or pencil
    • Earbuds may be needed




    The maintenance of a notebook is strongly suggested. Keep all learning materials (such as notes, work sheets, labs, etc.) until the end of the year. These will be used to prepare for the Biology EOC. 


    Dropout Prevention / Driver’s License:

    The Dropout Prevention/Driver’s License legislation from the State of North Carolina requires that the CHS is to notify the Department of Motor Vehicles when a student is not making adequate academic progress or drops out of school.  “Adequate academic progress” is defined as having passing grades in 70% or more of student’s classes during each semester.  A student on the 4 X 4 block (Cabarrus County high schools) will have his/her license or permit revoked if the student does not pass at least three (3) courses during a semester. 


    Students who drop out of school and are not making adequate academic progress will also have his/her license or permit revoked.  A new Driving Eligibility Certificate cannot be granted for a period of six-months even if the student enrolls in a non-public school or community college.