• Syllabus

    Spanish Dept. Syllabus

    Señora Schlachter (Taylor.Schlachter@cabarrus.k12.nc.us)


    Materials Needed


    • Laptop
    • Headphones that plug into your laptop, only to be used when required for assignments.
    • Notebook
    • Writing utensil
    • Folder



    Classroom Expectations

    1. Be Present - physically and mentally. Put away the distractions, it’s time to learn! This includes headphones that should not be out unless an activity requires them.
    2. Be Open - you will be learning about language and cultures that are different from your own. They are not wrong for being different. Put away any hate, judgement, and negativity and open your mind to a world outside of Cabarrus County!
    3. Be Accountable - hold yourself to a high standard in conduct and integrity. You are responsible for your choices and actions, so make good ones!
    4. Be Encouraging - Everyone is trying. Everyone is participating. It can be scary to learn a new language, build up those around you!


    Late work:

    • All assignments must be submitted on time. 
    • There will be a 10-point reduction for each day that the assignment is not turned in. The reductions will bottom out at 50%. No late work will be taken for the previous unit once the next unit has been started. 

    Grade breakdown:

    • Tests/Projects – 50%
    • Homework and class participation - 50% 

    Laptop usage

    1. Laptops must be used for assigned activities.
    2. If students are suspected or seen to be using laptops for other activities, they will receive a zero for that assignment automatically. 
    3. If students are suspected of cheating, they will automatically receive a zero and be given an alternative assignment in preparation for the upcoming assessment. 


    Translators are not permitted!

    1. I know the translator can speak Spanish already, I am trying to see if you can!
    2. You may use sites like spanishdict.com to help you with specific words
    3. It is very easy to see when you use a translator and it will result in a zero

    Cell Phone Policy

    It is expected that all cell phones will be out of sight in our classrooms and in your backpacks. Should a cellphone be out and in use, you will receive one verbal warning. After your first warning, your teacher will either:


    • Confiscate your phone and not return it until the end of the class
    • Contact Parent
    • Write  up.


    We understand emergencies come up, please speak to us ahead of time if there will be a need for your phone.


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