• Click for syllabus for MYP Chemistry. Please note that for daily information students should access their Canvas course and/or look at their unit schedules. 

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  • School Supplies (will be used for both in person and remote learning)

    Pencil or Pen (lots of math so you may want pencil)

    2” or 3” 3-ring binder 

    Dividers (MYP will need 10, one for each unit)

    Notebook paper

    Calculator (Scientific or graphing...there is a link for an online version on the syllabus but I highly recommend to have one physically to use, as less mistakes tend to be made. You can find used ones on different selling sites like Facebook Market Place and Ebay. In stores can start as low as $8...just make sure it says scientific on the package.)
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  • I will be using Remind to communicate with all of my students in MYP honors chemistry. Please join the group so you can get information faster. You will also be able to get in touch with me for individual questions or help. If you need help creating an account click here.

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  • "I wish I would have known before taking MYP Honors Chemistry" (from students 2019-2020)

    • If you study for each quiz really well then by the time the test comes around you've already mastered all of the material, detailed in pieces, so then the review sheet helps tie it all together for the test. I think knowing that I should focus more on studying for the quizzes would've helped.
    • There was so much information in chemistry and that while a lot of people make it out to be hard and a lot of work it was actually interesting and not just “a second math class” because going into chem I was dreading it but I actually started to like it.
    • I wish I would have known before taking MYP Honours Chemistry that studying really does help. Even if you believe that you know the material, looking over your notes can help you prepare for the "unexpected" problems on tests/quizzes.
    • You need to MEMORIZE all of the formulas that are not on the reference table. At least memorize what formulas go with what that way you won't have to try and rack your brain for what you need to do.
    • I wish I would have known how to take effective (maybe neater) notes and known actually how to study them. Studying has ALWAYS been an issue for me and I still don't really know how to do it very well.
    • I felt good this year but I would give advice to another student to make sure they pay ATTENTION to the beginning stuff because everything builds and comes back in later units.
    • I wish I would have known before taking MYP Honors Chemistry to really take advantage more of after school tutoring.
    • I wish I would have known to watch the teacher for every example before taking MYP Honors Chemistry.
    • I wish I would have known before taking MYP Honors Chemistry we would be doing a lot of math.
    • Foldables are a really big help and decking them out with info and designs is useful.
    • Mrs.Davis will answer your questions and help you out if your respectful to her and ask.
    • I wish I would of known to practice at home, instead of just in the classroom.
    • Keeping up with homework and worksheets will make your tests so much easier.
    • Homework is very helpful for reviewing what was covered in class.
    • Tutoring helps if you start going at the beginning of each unit.
    • You need to know exactly how to use your reference tables.
    • How much doing the homework helps on the tests and quizzes.
    • That the seats were very uncomfortable and risky at times.
    • To ask for help as soon as you don't understand something.
    • That is isn't that difficult and mostly consists of math.
    • Paying attention and doing the homework really does help.
    • Focus my studying on the non math-related content.
    • It is not like any other science that you've taken.
    • It's a lot more fun when you pay attention.
    • Every basic element on the periodic table.
    • Constantly review material.
    • That it wasn't that hard.
    • To just study a lot.
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