What is the Wellness Room?

  • The Wellness Room is a calm space for students to:


    -Deescalate with the use of self regulated activities


    -Take a moment to reduce feelings of anxiety or stress from a triggered event or on-going issue


    -Refelct on thoughts, feelings and actions that you experienced in response to the triggered event


    -Clear their mind before or after a big test or presentation 


    Where is the Wellness Room Located?


    The wellness Room is located in the Student Services Suite on the 2nd floor.


    How do students access/use the Wellness Room?


    Students can access the room anytime during 1st block, 2nd block, 3rd block (not during lunch) or 4th block with permission from the teacher. 


    1. The teacher will write the student a pass with the date and time.


    2. When the student arrives to the Student Services Desk they will show the pass to the Secretary and complete the sign-in google from outside of the room. 


    3. Once checked-in, the student may use any open seating area. 


    4. At the seating area, the student will set the timer for 8 minutes. 


    5. The student will have 8 minutes to engage in the activity and deescalate. 


    6. Once the timer rings, the student will clean thier space, exit the Wellness Room and complete the sign-out google form. 


    7. The Secretary will provided a timed pass and inform the teacher to expect the student's return within 2-4 minutes. 


    Can students still meet with thier Counselor after using the Wellness Room?


    Yes. Students may indicate that they wish to meet with thier counselor on the sign-out form. 


    The Counselor will work to meet with the student prior to the end of the school day or at the start of the next school day.


    What about COVID-19 and Social Distancing?


    We will allow a maxium of 4 student in the Wellness Room at any given time. 


    Stations are placed 3-6 feet apart from each other.


    Students will be  asked to sanatize hands prior to entering and after leaving. (This is because students may share materials such as timmers, colored pencils etc. )