Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB)

  • 2020-2021 Test Dates

    SEPTEMBER 22nd (cancelled)

    OCTOBER 20th (cancelled)

    DECEMBER 11th

    MARCH 23rd

    APRIL 27th

  • What Is It?

    • The ASVAB is a "qualifying" test for entrance into all the branches of the US military.
    • The test also gives students scores for eligibility for careers in the service.
    • Taking the ASVAB in no way obligates a student to the military.
  • About Testing

    ASVAB is back!!!- are you thinking of joining the US military and want to take the ASVAB entrance exam? CCHS will offer the ASVAB on December 11 at 7:15am. The test is FREE. We will only test 30 students total, so sign up now. You must have your own ride to/from CCHS. The test is self-paced, but most students are done in 2-3 hours.


    Sign up HERE.

  • For more information about taking the ASVAB at CCHS, click here!