• Summer Assignment for Rising Juniors

    Complete the problems from MYP Honors Review

    Make sure you have watched and taken notes on the lessons that were assigned during the school closure. 

    Unit 6B Intro to Gas Laws

    Unit 6B Combined Gas Law

    Unit 6B Ideal Gas Law

    Unit 6B Application of Ideal Gas Law

    Unit 6B Dalton's, Avogadro's, and Graham's Law

    Unit 7A Solutions Part I

    Unit 7A Solutions Part II

    Unit 7A Concentration

    Unit 7A Colligative Properties

    Unit 7B Net Ionic Reactions

    Unit 7B Acid and Base Properties

    Unit 7B pH and pOH

    Unit 7B Titrations

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  • School Supplies (will be used for both in person and remote learning)

    Pencil or Pen (lots of math so you may want pencil)

    2” or 3” 3-ring binder 

    Dividers (MYP will need 10 and DP will need 16ish total for both years combined)

    Notebook paper

    Calculator (Scientific or graphing...there is a link for an online version on the syllabus but I highly recommend to have one physically to use, as less mistakes tend to be made. You can find used ones on different selling sites like Facebook Market Place and Ebay. In stores can start as low as $8...just make sure it says scientific on the package.)
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  • Advice to Rising Juniors

    • It is much more intense than MYP Chemistry.
    • Reading the textbook is SO helpful before the test. After about 2-3 units into the year I realized this and would go back through the textbook on the few days before the test--take notes, and review the homework problems. This was super helpful because the textbook info reinforced my notes and helped me go through some of the more difficult problems.
    • Focus more on the simple things that help you understand bigger concepts rather than thinking I need to dive right into the concepts wihtout processing the basics for that unit/situation.
    • You need to really understand the labs not just do them to get them over with because you will get more out of it and often there are questions about labs on test/quizzes.
    • That you shouldn't think you know something once you've learned it because there's always going to be an exception.
    • Paying attention to homework and quiz answers help a lot because some questions show up mulitple times.
    • Reading the textbook really helps as a supplement to the class notes.
    • It is not that hard as long as you take notes and study them.
    • Taking 5 minutes to review my notes every night actually helps.
    • Learning polyatomics is not optional, it is necessary.
    • You cannot just memorize, you must be able to apply!!!
    • The math expected
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