• Welcome to the 2020 Spring Talent Show!

    SIGN-UP HERE: https://bit.ly/CCHSTALENT2020 



    Due to tech issues, we are extending the deadline to

    Sunday, May 3rd at 11:59 pm. 

    Sign up on the form linked above and send a link to your talent show video 

    (shared with anyone who has the link) to donna.hyser@cabarrus.k12.nc.us ASAP! 



    Follow the Rules!

    1. All performers should perform as individuals--no groups or duets may be recorded unless:
      • all members of the group live in the same house
      • all members of the group record themselves in separate locations via video conferencing
      • all members of the group are practicing parent-approved social distancing. 
    2. Follow all school rules.  Use appropriate language, dress, etc.
    3. Record the video using best practices:
      • Look into the camera. This is the same thing that you (hopefully) will be doing when you perform for other people, so you want to know what it looks like to them.
      • Sit or stand naturally. Don’t tense up just because you are being recorded.
      • Don’t wear distracting clothes. Clothes with lots of stripes or funky patterns may not record right and create some weird effects. Plus you want to be able to focus on you and your music, not your outfit.
      • Beware of your background. Try to have a neutral, plain-looking wall behind you. Same idea as your clothes. You want the focus to be on you and your music.
      • Use lots of light. You want to have plenty of light shining on you from the sides and from behind the camera, but not from behind you.
    4. Meet the deadline.  All videos must be submitted by Friday, May 1st at 2:15 pm.
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