Mathematical Vocabulary Page

  • This is a list of mathematical vocabulary words to assist students with understanding computational and reasoning concepts.  Students will use this vocabulary listing to add to their glossary of terms during the school year.

  • Absolute Value - the distance a number is away from zero

    Area - the covering of a two-dimensional shape

    Coordinate Plane - the plane containing the x- and y- axes

    Difference - the solution to a subtraction problem

    Dividend - the number that is being split into groups

    Divisor - a number that divides into another

    Equivalent Ratio - two ratios that express the same relationship; all equivalent ratios can be simplified to the same ratio value

    Inequality - states that two values are not equal

    Integer - a positive or negative whole number

    Lateral Surface Area - the area of the sides (faces) of a three-dimensional object

    Net - a two-dimensional representation of a three-dimensional object

    Opposite - two integers can be opposites if they are equal distance away from zero on the number line but on different sides of zero

    Origin - the point (0, 0); where the x- and y- axes intersect

    Parallelogram - a quadrilateral with opposite sides parallel and opposite sides congruent

    Product - the solution to a multiplication problem

    Proportion - two equal ratios

    Quadrant - four regions of the coordinate plane

    Quadrilateral - a four-sided polygon

    Quotient - the solution to a division problem

    Ratio - a comparison between two different quantities

    Ratio Table - a table which includes values that are equivalent ratios

    Rational Number - a number that can be written as a fraction, as a terminating decimal or as a repeating number

    Rectangular Prism - a three-dimensional object with two rectangular bases

    Scale Factor - the ratio of two corresponding sides in a set of similar figures

    Sum - the solution to an addition problem

    Total Surface Area - the area of the faces and bases of a three-dimensional object

    Trapezoid - a quadrilateral with one set of parallel sides

    Triangle - a three-sided polygon with a sum of 180 degrees in the angle measures

    Volume - the amount of space a three-dimensional object occupies

    Whole Number - a postive counting number starting with zero