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  • Grades 3-5 AIG Canvas Courses FAQs

    How do I enroll my child into the course?

    • Once your child is eligble for the AIG Program, you will recieve and sign a consent form for them to participate in the program.
    • The child will be automatically enrolled into the AIG Canvas Course within 1 week. 
    • The AIG Course will appear on their Canvas Dashboard. 
    • Reach out to Mrs. El Maroudi if you the course does not appear after 1 week. 

    Will there be Virtual AIG Classes through the Canvas course?

    • No, this year there will not be any virtual or streamed AIG classes. 

    When does my child use the AIG Canvas Course?

    • If your child is absent from class, they can access the assignments for each week through the Canvas Course. 
    • If your child needs to communicate with Mrs. El Maroudi, they can send a message through the inbox.

    How will the course look on my child's dashboard?

Last Modified on September 17, 2021