Kindergarten Program Choice Information

    • Program Choice is the opportunity for families to choose an instructional style or theme that is a best fit for their student.
    • Program Choice allows parents to apply for a program of interest.
    • School assignment is determined by the students' address.
    • 17 programs are offered in grades 6-12; seven programs are available for kindergarten students.
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  • Applications for Program Choice for kindergarten students are open from October 5th-December 17th, 2021 and reopen again for additional applicants from April 1-30th, 2022. Applications after April 30th, 2022 will not be accepted.

    Please see information below on programs that are available for kindergarten students.

    All applications can be completed on the CCS Choice and Enrollment website.

    Questions? Please email Alyn Szymanski and/or Silvia Fuenmayor.

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Last Modified on March 24, 2022