• For next week and beyond we are going to use Positive Physics.  Here is the link https://www.positivephysics.org/home

    1. Go to students join here

    2. username (last name first initial) (KnappB)

    3. Class section 2

    4. Level 3

    5. class code HRHS2020

    Please get started on units 10,14,15.


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  • As I'm sure many of you heard, the AP test will now be offered to you at home.  It is a 45 minute test covering what ever material we covered up until march.  They are going to release that info next week.  To prepare, I would still review the notes on waves, and I can release the notes on electricity if needed.  I will also go over questions and review problems for it.  Please located the canvas course as starting next week if we are not back in school I will start using this as a way to post videos or have video chats with you during "office hours".  Email is still the best way to ask questions right now.

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  • please go to the canvas course for information.


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