• Take a look at some of the great things going on in Cobra Nation!

    Unity Day 2020 w/ Cab-Kannap Early College

    unity flier

    unity collage

    Sophomore FOCUS Night

    10th Flier 10th FOCUS 1      10 FOCUS 2      10 FOCUS 3      10th FOCUS 4      10th FOCUS 5     10th FOCUS 6     10th FOCUS 7     10th FOCUS 8     10th FOCUS 9


    CIAA High School Day

     CIAA 2      CIAA 3      CIAA 4 The webpage wants her sideways, what can you do :-)     CIAA 5     CIAA 1


    Freshmen FOCUS Night

    9th 1       9th 2       9th 3       9th 4       9th 5


    Cobra Campus Visit Series

    APP1       APP2       APP3 Just lean :-)      ECU1       UNCW1       UNCW2       JCSU2       JCSU4       JCSU1      LR1       LR2       CAT2       CAT3      CAT1


    Junior/Senior Career Fair & Panel  (Organized by Mrs. Loukos)

    career1       career2       career3       career4       career5       career6       career7       career8       career9       career10       career11       career12