• iReady is an individualized computer program that assesses students' math skills and then designs lessons to improve these skills.  I am using this program in my 6th, 7th, and 8th grade classes.  Your child will take a diagnostic test sometime during the first two weeks of school.  After that assessment, we will begin completing lessons to improve math skills.  Your child can access the iReady program at home, so that you can see what lessons and grades your child has earned in iReady.  He or she can also complete extra lessons at home which will increase their progress in math.  We will also do short lessons as a class, small groups or individually.



    The grading for this class is either Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory.  This is based on student effort in iReady and teacher-based lessons.


    How to log on to iReady:

    1. Sign in on the Northwest Cabarrus STEM Middle School website.

    2. Click on the Clever Button on the right hand side of the website.

    3. Click on the iReady Button.

    4. iReady will take the student directly to their need-based lesson.  

    5. iReady will continue to provide lessons to help the student progress to higher levels.  This progression will be monitored by Mrs. Hesse.