• keep it moving! ideas for how to stay active while you're stuck at home.

    Please see the below links for you while we are away from school.  These are great resources for you while we are all stuck at home.  Our goal is for all of you to be physically active for 120 min a week (7 days in a week, so that slightly more than 15 min a day).  This is a reachable goal!  We miss all of you, hopefully we will be back soon.  Be safe!


    Mr. Cline

    Ms. Morton

    Mr. Hutchins



    Informative Video Links


    Benefits of Fitness - https://youtu.be/V6rD3CddMtc


    Cardiovascular Endurance - https://youtu.be/IXk4TZE7wdE


    Components of Fitness - https://youtu.be/9HfW3mJl2EU


    Flexibility - https://youtu.be/EWuLtc1MeCM


    The videos in the next section can be completed in the confines of your house.  Feel free to invite your parents, brothers, or sisters to participate with you as being physically active is good for all of you!!  Increasing your heart rate and moving around in an active manner is good for your health, especially since most of us are stuck inside.  Some of the stretches seen on the videos may be new or a review from PE class, especially the dynamic stretches (stretches performed with movement).  You DO NOT have to do all of the exercises shown in the videos. New videos will be posted over time.



    Fitness Workout Videos - From YouTube - PE with Joe


    Link to Article from www.theguardian.com

    "Why 3.5 million people want Joe Wicks to be their PE teacher"



    PE with Joe 5/14

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Last Modified on May 14, 2020