What are we learning?

  • Reading

    This unit, Fix-Up Strategies: Making Reading Look Right, Sound Right, and Make Sense, builds upon skills and strategies from the Word-Solving Strategies unit.  Its primary goal is to build independent readers who are able to read more challenging texts using a variety to strategies to read tricky words and also monitor for meaning. Students’ MOY running records and observations will provide information on how students already problem solve unknown words through meaning, structure, and visual cues, read fluently, and make meaning of text. 



  • Math

    During this unit, students build on their understanding of place value and demonstrate the decade numbers as they refer to sets of ten. Students will extend their understanding of place value to aid in their ability of addition and subtraction within 100. Students will use concrete materials, models, drawings and place value strategies to solve various problem types. Students are formally introduced to the symbols (+, - , and =) by making connections to the language of more, less, and the same that they have used all year. Students should not be subtracting using standard algorithms, as this is not an expected skill until 4th grade.

  • Writing

    This unit, Informative Writing: How-To Books, introduces students to Informational Writing. They choose a topic and then organize information in a specific, logical sequence using words and pictures. The students are teaching their readers to do something that should be presented in a clear manner so that directions can be followed and replicated. This unit is intended to get students ready for the next unit, Unit 2: Writing Non-Fiction Chapter Books.