• Student Services will be delivering a series of professional development activities to meet the needs of school staff in serving the mental health, safety and devleopment needs of our students. Mental Health and Substance Abuse prevention have been identified as the core health priorities in Cabarrus County.

    The training activities listed below are primarily funded through the Department of Public Instruction's School Safety Grants and through the Concord Alcohol Board of Control who understand the centrality of creating a better future through reaching young people at this critical time in their lives.

    Substitute teachers will be fully fudned through Studnet Services for any teacher who requires class coverage to attend these sessions.

    Stipends will be paid to 10 month staff engaging in training activities during the week of June 15, 2020.

    Please sign up for the relevant training acitiviteis below. We encourage you to have thougthful discussions with your principals for your time away for training.

Spring and Summer 2020 Student Service Training