Digital Learning Day Form

    Please complete this form once you and your partner have planned how your classes will work togther for Digital Learning Day. 


    Below is a table to indicate who your class is paired with for Digital Learning Day. Please communicate with your partner to decide how your classes will collaborate on Digital Learning Day. 


    West (2nd)

    R. Martin (4th)

    Haskins (2nd)

    Campbell (4th)

    Rankin (2nd)

    Fils-Aime (4th)

    White (2nd)

    Hanson (4th)

    King (2nd)

    Kimrey (4th)

    VanTighem (2nd)

    Gentile (4th)

    Wheeles (2nd)

    Fang (4th)

    S. Martin (2nd)

    Sole (K)

    Ni (2nd)

    Williams (K)

    Yan (2nd)

    T. Johnson (K)

    Stevenson-Jordan (5th)

    Yang (K)

    Halkovitch (5th)

    Sullivan (K)

    Mooney (5th)

    K.Martin (K)

    Korinek (5th)

    Zhang (K)

    Downing (5th)

    Stirewalt (K)

    Johnson (5th)

    Means (1st)

    Sabaratnam (3rd)

    Elslager (1st)

    Parker (3rd)

    V. Li (1st)

    Stout (3rd)

    Finlay (1st)

    Bullin (3rd)

    Veazey (1st)

    Lease (3rd)

    Elam (1st)

    Trice (3rd)

    Perry (1st)

    Furr (3rd)

    Wu (1st)

    C. Liu (3rd)

    Kane (1st)

    N. Liu (3rd)

    Wallace (1st)

    Trull (3rd)

    D. Li (5th)