• Español IV – Course Description
    Spanish 4 is an Honors course designed to further the students’ ability to effectively communicate in the Spanish language.  Spanish 4 also serves as a preparatory course for those students planning to go on to the AP level.  Major emphases of this course include advancing the ability of students to communicate in writing and in extended conversations on a variety of topics.  Students begin to narrate, discuss, and support more complex ideas using a variety of tenses and grammatical structures.  Students will begin to combine and more effectively apply previously learned concepts in both writing and speaking as more focus is placed on proficiency and finer points of grammar.  Literature is also emphasized as students are exposed to short stories, poetry, excerpts from various periods of literature, current events, and a variety of authentic materials.  More focus is placed on independent reading and advancing the students’ ability to comprehend, discuss, and think critically about more complex texts.  Cultural study is integrated throughout the course.

    Required Materials:

    1 11/2 inch 3 ring binder

     College ruled paper

     Pens/Pencils

     7 dividers

     Colored pencils/crayons

     Scissors & Glue stick

     Travel-sized tissue

     3 ½ x 5 index cards

     Head set/Ear buds( Any wireless,  I-Phone 7 and newer will not work on our computers without adaptors.)

Last Modified on January 15, 2020