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  • Show and Share Day

       Our show and share day will be on Fridays.  Please help your child find an item to share with the class each week.  Some examples are a toy, book, wallet, picture, trophy, etc.  I would like to ask that you not send fragile items (glass, or other breakable items) because we cannot replace items that are damaged or broken.
       Please have your child place the item in a bag with their name on it.  They will need to write two clues describing their item.  The other students will try to guess what the item is based on the clues.  The clues should be written on a sheet of paper and placed in the bag.  Please make sure you send your child's show and share item in a bag that will fit in their book bag.  
    Clues 1.It has brown hair.  2.I keep it on my bed.  (answer) a doll
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Last Modified on September 19, 2017