Social Studies


Language Arts


  • Open Middle

    Search hundreds of math problems that get students thinking - and proving their mastery - at various levels of topics.

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  • PhET Simulations

    Online simulations illustrate math concepts in student-friendly visual ways.

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  • YouCubed - Jo Boaler

    Rethink the way your students (and you) do math with Jo Boaler's revolutionary way of thinking about math. This links to the Tasks page, but take time to explore the whole site!

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  • Math News for Students

    Math topic page of Science News for Students - real, current, in-depth STEM news adapted for a student audience.

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Multiple Content Areas

  • Discovery Education

    A multi-use platform with information and tools for both student and teacher learning, Discovery Education is a powerhouse for any content area or professional development.

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  • Google Arts & Culture

    Fabulous collection of resources on events, people, art, museums, historical places...good for overviews or deep dives.

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  • Smithsonian Digital Collection

    Free, open access to one of the globe's best information institutions - view 2D and 3D exhibits and artifacts that are completely open for our use!

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  • Ellevation

    Not just a way to check in on your ELLs' progress - check here for lesson ideas, interventions, and strategies, too!

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Last Modified on March 31, 2020