• In 4th grade, we really focus on the area model of multiplication and partial products. Please see the chart below. 


    From Tools 4 NC Teachers


    Although we were taught the standard algorithm as students, these strategies help students answer and understand some of the questions they have about multiplication. Students are encouraged to use the strategy that works best for them, however, the area model may appear on tests, benchmarks, and EOGs. Therefore, 4th grade students need to become familiar with these strategies, even if they do not use them all the time. Students will learn and use the standard algorithm eventually in 5th grade.  

    Here are some videos for parents and students to use if you need examples of how to use these strategies. 

    Area Model- She does refer to this as partial products as well, but we will address it as the area model in class. 

    Partial Products- This is how we will address partial products in class.


    Please let me know if you have any questions regarding these methods. 


Last Modified on November 6, 2021