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    The Cookie Thief
    Directors: Shayla and Taylor

    Andi: Alex L
    Phil: Arianna B
    Darrel: Scarlett M
    Mom:Kelly M
    Ava: Keniya
    Allen: Brandon L

    A Mellanzana on Tony's Roof
    Director: Nick Shue

    Marie: Samantha C
    Paulie: Jordan T
    Big Joey: Sufian A


    The Worst Sin is Man
    Director: Lauren

    Harold Snobz: Brice E
    Plumber: Nikolas J
    Mary: Lily E
    Assistant: Logan T
    Moody Teen: Ria M
    Joe: Collin R
    Homeless Person: Maddie S
    Not Named Yet: Kira F and Ricki P


    Dummies & Dragons
    Director: Holly

    Irene: Courtney M
    Zack: Scott S
    Penny: Ravyn M
    Alistair: Phillip B
    Pazuzu: Jordan B

Last Modified on November 5, 2019