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    What is Battle of the Books?

    Battle of the Books (BOB)  is a friendly reading program for 4th and 5thgraders.  Students read preselected books and engage in a fun “Family Feud” style competition against fourth and fifth graders enrolled in other Cabarrus County Schools.


    Books are selected by North Carolina School Library Media Association.  I have paper copies of the list available in the library.  The list is also available here:




    These titles are available for checkout at our library and the public library.


    Why do we participate in BOB?

    To encourage students to read good books and have fun!


    How does BOB work?

    Students commit to reading at least ten of the titles. Students read the books on their own time and come to practices ready to discuss the books.

    It is important to read these books carefully and remember the details.  Comprehension is important when answering BOB questions.  Students will develop their own questions and practice answering and remembering key details of the BOB titles.


    Example of a BOB question:


    In what book does the main character think Sustained Silent Reading is the best part of third grade?



    Ramona Quimby, Age 8 by Beverly Cleary


    Teams earn one point for the correct title and can earn an additional point for the correct author.


    Who can participate in BOB?

    Any 4th or 5th grade student who is committed to reading AT LEAST TEN of the fifteen titles is invited to try out for our team.   Those selected will need parental permission to be on the team.


    Students commit to reading at least two books a month.   



    When are BOB meetings?

    When:  During 4th and 5th grade lunch on DAY 3 MUSIC  (I will add more days as we get closer to the competition)

    Where:  Library


    When is the competition?

    This year our BOB competition will be virtual.  

    We will compete with other Cabarrus County schools via Microsoft Teams in the School Library Media Center.

    First round will be February 23. 

    The Final round is March 3. 










Last Modified on January 19, 2023