• November & December Character Trait of the Month:  GRATITUDE

    It is important to teach children to practice gratitude.  Science tells us that frequent practice of gratitude can impact positive brain functioning and can counteract ill-effects of anxiety and worrisome thoughts.  Here at CMES, we are grateful for our students, our teachers, administrators, and supportive parents.  

    Attitude of Gratitude Parenting Tips

    Gratitude & Overindulgence

    What Parents Neglect to Teach About Gratitude




    January Character Trait of the Month:  INTEGRITY

    We value a high level of integrity in our students and staff here at Cox Mill Elementary School.  As parents, modeling honesty and praising honesty in your children is extremely important in the elementary school years.  Take a look at this article from Harvard University, including a video about encouraging honesty and integrity in children.  

    Harvard Integrity


    February Character Trait of the Month:  EMPATHY

    Showing empathy toward others has been shown to indicate high levels of success later in life in both relationships and careers/professional life.  Raising empathic children better equips healthy and safe schools and even stronger communities!  Please join us as we teach empathy here at Cox Mill!

    Parenting Empathic Kids


    March Character Trait of the Month:  TOLERANCE

    In February, we introduced and taught empathy.  Now it's time to go beyond the Golden Rule and focus on teaching tolerance.  We've linked a booklet from TeachingTolerance.org that is a helpful guide for parents.  Take a peek at this infographic!

    Teaching Tolerance Parenting Tips


Last Modified on March 2, 2020