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2019-2020 YCI Leadership Listing

  • Congratulations to the following leaders for YCI for 2019-2020: (random order)

    Gillian M.          Serena D.          Camryn J.

    Finley T.            Kristyn E.          Laura H.

    Addie P.            Sawyer E.          Michael l.

    Colt C.               Connor S.           Carter B.

    Rohan B.           Jackson L.          James L.

    Heidi L               Callista W.         Addison S.


    New 6th Grade Leaders-

    Megan Hull                  C J Rito

    Sophia Ross                Kaylee Bruzzese

    Madelaine Messer       Peyton Steele


    Thank you so much for your interest, see you all next Monday at 8:00 AM in Mr. Kozloff's room. I look forward to working with everyone this year!





Last Modified on February 27, 2020