Cobra FOCUS Nights!

  • FOCUS (Forming Ongoing Cobra Understanding & Support) Nights are held for each grade level.  These events bring parents, students, and teachers together to participate in social/emotional growth workshops that are facilitated by guest speakers.  Workshops and sessions are relevant and specifically tailored to each grade level.  This yearly initiative provides students and parents applicable tools that can be used to help them navigate the ebbs and flows of being an early college student.  Join us! 

  • Senior FOCUS Night

    Thursday, March 31st @ 6:15pm

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    Junior FOCUS Night

    Thursday, February 3rd @ 6:15pm

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    Presenters: Timeka Ruffin of CFNC, Denisha Torrence-Nesbit of NCWorks, and Petty Officer Benfield of the US Navy

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    Sophomore FOCUS Night

    Thursday, October 28th @ 6:15pm

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    Student FOCUS - How to maximize my efforts during the most difficult year - Facilitated by Daryl Bruner (Catawba College)

    Parent FOCUS - Insightful ways to help foster student success as my child navigates the sophomore climb - Facilitated by Mr. Dawson Roberts (Cab Tech) & Jenelle Felton (Cabarrus Health Alliance)

    Freshmen FOCUS Night

    Thursday, September 16th @ 6:15pm

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    Student FOCUS Question - Who am I really becoming at this stage? - Facilitated by Mr. Fishback, Mr. Davis, & Ms. Grayson (Cab Tech EC)

    Parent FOCUS Question - How can I support my student in their development of self? - Facilitated by Sarah Fishback, Adolescent Psychologist (Fishback Psychological Services, P.C.)

    12th FOCUS Night

    Wednesday, March 31st @ 6:15pm

    12th focus

    11th FOCUS Night

    Wednesday, February 24th @ 6:15pm

    11th FOCUS

    Student Session - "Effectively Managing my Time" - Facilitated by Ms. Grayson, Cab Tech EC

    Parent Session - "Helping my Junior Prepare for College" - Faciliated by Ms. Brandie Meekins, NC Regional Recruiter and Certified College & Career Coach

    9th & 10th FOCUS Night

    Thursday, November 19th @ 6:15pm

    focus 2020

    Student Session - Faciliated by Mr. Daryl Bruner, Director of C2C Success Center at Catawba College

    Parent Session - Facilitated by Mr. Rasheed Haneef, Director & Education Consultant of Tutor Doctor, Charlotte-Central region

    Freshmen FOCUS Night

    Thursday, September 26, 2019 @ 6:15pm

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    9th Flyer         9th Spanish

                                    Enlarge                                                                      Enlarge 

    Boys' Session - "Perseverance & Identity" - Facilitated by Mr. Fishback and Mr. Davis

    Girls' Session - "Body Positivity & Stress Management" - Facilitated by Amber DiGiore & Katie Cates of Cabarrus Health

    Parents' Session - "Stress & Anxiety - How Can I Help my Child?" - Facilitated by Mrs. Sarah Fishback, LPA of Fishback Psychological Services

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    Sophomore FOCUS Night

    Tuesday, November 19, 2019 @ 6:15pm

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    10th FOCUS

    Student session: "Decision Making - Process & Application" - Facilitated by Katie Cates & Amber DiGiore of Cabarrus Health

    Parent Session: "Decision Making - Process & Assistance" - Facilitated by Ms. Grayson

    Junior FOCUS Night - *Cancelled*

    Thursday, February 27, 2020 @ 6:15pm

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    11th FOCUS  Enlarge

    Student Session: "Social Integrity - Now: Why & How" - Facilitated by Melissa Hunt of Kind Campaign

    Parent Session: "Social Integrity - Supporting My Child's Tomorrow" - Facilitated by Denisha Torrence-Nesbit of NC Works Career Center (Concord) & Mrs. Betsy Bryan

    Senior FOCUS Night - *COVID 19 Cancellation*

    Wednesday, April 15, 2020 @ 6:15pm