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    HRHS Theatre 2019-2020 Calendar of Events



    9                      2:30-5:00pm                     Fall Cabaret Auditions

    19                    2:30-6:00pm                     Fall Cabaret Rehearsal

    20                    7:00pm                             Fall Cabaret Show                             


    21-23               2:30-5:00pm                     Helga’s Diary/Wiley and the Hairy Man Dress Rehearsals

    24-25               7:00pm                             Helga’s Diary/Wiley and the Hairy Man Performances

    28                    ANY                                  Fall One Act Scripts Due


    4                      2:30-5:00pm                    Fall One Act Auditions

    21                    2:30-5:00pm                    Fall One Acts Dress Rehearsal

    22                    7:00pm                            Fall One Acts Performances


    13                    7:00-8:30pm                    24-Hour Theatre Meeting

    14                    7:00am-6:30pm                24 Hour Theatre Rehearsal

    14                    7:00pm                            24 Hour Theatre Performance


    8                      2:30-6:00pm                    Story Theatre Dress Rehearsal

    9-10                 7:00pm                            Story Theatre Performances

    13                    2:30-6:00pm                    Little Mermaid Auditions


    3                      2:30-5:00pm                   Spring Cabaret Auditions

    20                    2:30-6:00pm                   Spring Cabaret Rehearsal

    21                    7:00pm                           Spring Cabaret Performance

    28                    ANY                                Spring One Acts Scripts Due


    2                      2:30-5:00pm                   Spring One Acts Auditions

    19                    2:30-5:00pm                   Spring One Acts Rehearsal

    20                    7:00pm                           Spring One Acts Performance


    8                      2:30-5:00pm                   Practicum Dress Rehearsal

    9                      7:00pm                           Practicum Performance

    20-24               2:30-8:00pm                    The Little Mermaid - Tech Rehearsals

    27-29              2:30-8:00pm                     The Little Mermaid - Dress Rehearsals

    30-May 2         7:00pm                             The Little Mermaid – Performances


    26-27               2:30-7:00pm                     Honk Jr Dress Rehearsal

    28-29               7:00pm                             Honk Jr Small Musical Performances


    1                      2:30-9:30pm                     Theatre Inductions/Awards

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