• Coures Description

    Students will work with SolidWorks 3D CAD software to learn fundamental Solid Modeling concepts and techniques to design parts, assemblies, and drawings on sheets.  Students will learn how to create 2-D sketches and transform them into 3D models by applying extrusions, revolves, patterns, shells, lofts, sweeps, fillets and ribs.  Students will also learn techniques to dimension models, create engineering drawings, edit geometry, create exploded assemblies, and prepare models for 3-D printing.


    Course Objectives

    Listed below are the objectives that wil be covered this semester.  This course has a teacher made performance test.  There are no exemptions for the test.

    1.1 What is SolidWorks?

    1.2 User Interface

    1.3 Navigation Control

    2.1 Creating a Simple Part

    2.2 Creating a Simple Assembly

    2.3 Creating a Simple Presentation

    2.4 Creating a Simple Drawing

    2.5 Common Mistakes

    3.1 Geometric Constraints

    3.2 Creating Complex Sketches

    3.3 Mass Properties

    4.1 Creating Complex Parts

    4.2 Creating Complex Parts with Curves

    4.3 Reference Planes

    4.4 Pattern Tools

    5.1 Revolve

    5.2 Loft

    5.3 Sweep

    5.4 Shell

    5.5 Helix & Spiral

    5.6 Advanced Hole Wizard

    5.7 SolidWorks Toolbox

    6.1 Special Drawing Views

    6.2 Advanced Dimensioning

    7.1 More Assembly Constraints

    7.2 Create Component

    7.3 Sub-Assemblies and Pattern Tools

Last Modified on August 11, 2020