Rework, Reuse, Remix (6-8th Grade)

What rights do you have as a creator?

Students explore the concept of fair use, apply it to case studies, and create an original work of fair use. Students learn how to judge whether something is protected by fair use by using the "Four Points of Fair Use Student Handout". They apply the four points of fair use to two case studies, a remixed video and a mashup song, to judge whether or not they fall under fair use. Students then create an original work of fair use by reworking copyrighted material to create a collage or a remix video.

Copyright and Fair Use Animation | Common Sense Education

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  • Copyright and Fair Use Animation

    by Common Sense Length:
    How can I make responsible choices when I use other people's creative work?

    Students are introduced to copyright, fair use, and the rights they have as creators. Students explore the legal and ethical dimensions of respecting creative work. First, they learn a basic foundation of legal principles and vocabulary related to copyright. They understand how such factors as the rules of copyright law, the values and intent of the original creator, and the audience and purpose should affect their decisions about using the creative work of others. Using the Mad Men Student Handout, students then apply these principles to a simulation activity in which they act as advertising executives who have to choose a photo for an ad campaign. 


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