• Chef Pritchett’s Classroom and Kitchen Cell Phone Policy


    Cell phones nor earbuds/head phones are allowed in Chef Pritchett’s Classroom and Kitchen.

    • BEFORE students enter the classroom, cell phones should be turned off AND placed in the student’s backpack or purse.
    • Earbuds/head phones should ALSO be placed in the students backpack or purse.
    • Earbuds/head phones and cell phones should NOT be placed in pockets….at no time should a cell phone or earbuds/head phones be in sight or heard.
    • A student may not glance at the phone, even for a second, to check a notification/message, check the time, charge the phone, or anything else.
    • If the phone OR earbuds/head phones come out of a student’s backpack or purse during class time for any reason, or is visible from a pocket, the phone AND earbuds/head phones will be taken by the teacher and stored in a Ziplock plastic bag and held in a secure place until the end of the class period. Please understand that IF ONLY earbuds/head phones are seen, the earbuds/head phones AND PHONE will be taken. IMPORTANT – after a student’s 2nd cell phone violation, of the semester, the phone and ear buds/head phones will be held in a secure place until the end of the school day.

    ○     The student can pick-up his/her cell phone and earbuds/head phones from the teacher at the end of school.

    ○     Students not arriving before 2:20 pm must wait until the following morning.

    • Each offense and repeat offenses will be documented in Educator’s Handbook and will escalate according to the HRHS Discipline Matrix.
    • If a student chooses to not surrender their phone, this is Insubordination and is considered a Major Offense. The student will be sent to the Control Room for Administrative Discipline.


    3rd Period Lunches: Your phone and earbuds/head phones should remain in your backpack or purse until the teacher has dismissed you for lunch. Upon returning from lunch, your phone and earbuds/head phones need to be returned to your backpack or purse immediately upon entering the classroom.


    Exception:  One aspect of learning a world language is listening.  Technology affords us better opportunities for students to engage in listening activities.  For these activities, students will be required to have ear buds/ head phones.  Students will ONLY be allowed to access these items during the listening activities.  Once those activities are completed, those items will be returned to book bags/purses immediately.


Last Modified on February 5, 2019